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Our Stubby Tire Tool is a unique - Patent Pending - motorcycle tire changing tool that is revolutionizing the experience. No longer do you have to worry about scratching and damaging the rim or wheel! The Patented design also helps prevent pinched tubes. The special plastic material is easy to use and easy on your bike!  Stubby Tire Tools are perfect for Sport bikes, Street bikes, Motocross, Off-Road and Touring motorcycles that have aluminum and color rims!

Stubbys are sold as a set (2)
All Stubbys are shipped the same day or at the latest, the next business day via UPS!  Professionals love it!  Many Stubbys have been sold to mechanics and dealers before we realized that everyone could benefit from owning a set at home too! We also include an informative guide to easy tire changing with every set! Look to our About Us page to see the photos of just how easy the Stubby Tire Tool makes changing your motorcycle tire or tube. 
Always remember, take care of your Stubby and your Stubby will take care of you!


For a comprehensive,
step-by-step guide to changing tires

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 • Not reccommended for use with Mousse foam inserts?